A quick look at news from some of the other Communio editions.  The Italian edition is preparing to host the May 2010 international editorial meeting in Venice, including a daylong seminar on the new series on the Church that you’ll be seeing in our pages next year. The editor of the Portuguese Communio, Henrique Noronha Galvão, has published a book on the thought of Benedict XVI. Also see their recent issue on Paternity and Maternity. At the French Communio, editor Jean-Luc Marion was elected to the Académie Française and delivered there a tribute to Cardinal Lustiger, his predecessor at the Academy. The Belgian-Dutch Communio published an issue on women and are preparing the international theme of “Democracy” for 2011. The German Communio recently published an issue on Natural Law. Read Rémi Brague’s editorial here. German Communio member Holger Zaborowski published  Robert Spaemann’s Philosophy of the Human Person (Oxford, 2010), the first book-length study of Spaemann in English.  The entire archives of Communio Spain are available for download.

Finally, all the editions joined the Polish Communio in sorrow at the death of the Polish edition’s founder and editor, Fr. Lucjan Balter, SAC (1936-2010), who died on February 16. A beautiful tribute to Fr. Balter appears in the current edition of the Polish Communio, which also published an interview with him in 2009.  The American editors are grateful for the memory of a wonderful dinner in conversation with Fr. Balter at the meeting last May in the mountains of Switzerland.