From the Winter issue:

Jonah Lynch, Music, Silence, and Technology (pdf, 2009)

From the text:

A few years ago, I received an iPod as a package deal with my computer. Everyone else was using them, so I filled it with beautiful music and put it on while biking to work. It was just like having a soundtrack to my life — gliding along K Street in Washington, D.C. I had the theme of Bach’s Goldberg Variations on, and everything was dreamlike and peaceful. Then it finished, the first variation started, and the very same reality seemed frantic and edgy. I rode harder, swerving through traffic. Then an epic-sounding variation made me feel as if I were in a film, invincible, untouchable — except that I was actually in a much harder, more dangerous world, riding between buses and lobbyists. I took off the iPod, and haven’t worn it on a bike since. . . .  Complete text (pdf).

Also by Jonah Lynch: Mirth and Freedom in The Magic Flute (pdf, 2006).