The current issue of Communio focuses on the Paschal Mystery. Read the Introduction here. Articles include:

José Granados. Risen Time: Easter as the Source of History
Jean-Pierre Batut.  Believing in the Resurrection, or: The Logic of Love
Denis Farkasfalvy. Reconstructing Mariology
Keith Lemna. Mythopoetic Thinking and the Truth of Christianity
Philippe Richard. Romans 8 in Under Satan’s Sun: Bernanos’ Vision of Man and the World
Hans Urs von Balthasar. Vocation (Retrieving the Tradition)
Thomas Esposito. The Way From Emmaus to Us (Notes and Comments)
David L. Schindler. Regarding Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Unions (A Word From the Editor)

Spring 2010. Vol. 37, no. 1

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