Jean-Pierre BatutA perennial favorite from the archives: Jean Pierre Batut (auxiliary bishop of Lyons and an editor of the French Communio): The Chastity of Jesus and the ‘Refusal to Grasp.’ (pdf, 1997)

From the text:

Chastity is not charity; but, insofar as it is a refusal to grasp and an indefectible adherence to Him who gives, it forms its necessary condition. That is why the sign of chastity is the same as that of love: the eis telos (Jn 13:1), the “to the extreme,” the fact of leaning upon God even in the case where he withdraws himself; the fact of renouncing all human fecundity in order that God’s fecundity be manifest without mediation. A chaste life is thus a given life. “You must give over your life as you would toss a flower,” Madeleine Danielou said to her “daughters” of the apostolic Community of St. Francis Xavier. For “the grass dries up and the flower wilts, but the Word of our God abides forever” (Is 40:7-8; 1 Pt 1:24).  full text.