From the archives:

John Paul II. Address to the Group Representing the Journal Communio (1992)

. . . As Archbishop of Cracow, I had occasion to encourage and promote the Polish edition [of Communio], which contributed to an understanding of the faith in a country where the intellectual investigation of truth has for a long time encountered many obstacles. At the present time, it is important that a vigorous exchange of views be established between Christians who have lived the experience of repression and persecution and Christians who have been able to express their faith in complete freedom. This will give a new thrust to theological research as well as to the expression and announcement of the Christian mystery in the contemporary world. Saint Paul recalled that the exchange of material goods and mutual aid are a fundamental expression of ecclesial charity and communion. Similarly, the sharing of spiritual and intellectual goods conveys the love that comes to us from the Lord. . . .

Telegram Upon the Death of Hans Urs von Balthasar  (1988)