Below is an assortment of links to articles on Cardinal Angelo Scola. A longtime editor of the Italian Communio and frequent contributor to the English language edition, Cardinal Scola (currently Cardinal Patriarch of Venice) was appointed Cardinal Archbishop of Milan last week by Pope Benedict XVI.

Cardinal Scola is going back home. To Milan. (Sandro Magister). Meet the New Crown Prince of Catholicism (John Allen).  ‘A certain faith paves the way to open dialogue’ (Interview with  Inside the Vatican). Cardinal Scola Appointed Archbishop of Milan (National Catholic Register) Benedict’s ‘School of Community’: Venice’s Scola to Milan (Whispers in the Loggia).

Watch a Youtube video of Cardinal Scola at the 2010 Rimini meeting here.

A selection of Communio articles by Cardinal Scola available online (pdf):

The Dignity and Mission of Women: The Anthropological and Theological Foundations  (1998).

Freedom, Grace, and Destiny (1998)

Human Freedom and Truth According to the Encyclical Fides et Ratio (1999).

Which Foundation? Introductory Notes (2001)

Education and Integral Experience (2003)

The Nuptial Mystery: A Perspective for Systematic Theology? (2003)

The Unity of Love and the Face of Man: An Invitation to Read Deus caritas est (2006)

See the entire list in the Communio Author Index.