Adrian J. Walker, Robert Spaemann, David L. Schindler

A variety of Communio editors and authors participated in the June 2011 conference in Krakow, “What Is Life?: Theology, Science, and Philosophy”  organized by the Centre of Theology and Philosophy (Nottingham).

Participants included editors David L. Schindler, Adrian Walker, and D. C. Schindler; editorial board members Tracey Rowland, Antonio Lopez,  and Stratford Caldecott; and contributors Aaron Riches, Conor Cunningham, John Milbank, Robert Spaemann, Louis Dupre, Remi Brague, Simon Oliver, Mark Shiffman, Larry Chapp, John McCarthy, John Betz, Peter M. Candler, Martin Bieler, Javier Martinez, and others. (See the conference program here.) Photos courtesy Dr. Eric Austin Lee.

D. C. Schindler, John Milbank, Adrian J. Walker, Fr. John Behr

Rémi Brague, Conor Cunningham, Agata Bielik-Robson