Check out the new Communio web site!


We hope you enjoy it and find the information for which you are looking. A few new features include:

  • Search Tool: Located at the top right corner of the page, we encourage you to use the Search bar to more easily find past articles and issues.
  • Past Issues: Easily peruse through forty volumes of past issues. We aim to offer a few free articles per issue, so please come back often to see if your favorite article is available.
  • Automatic Renewals: Worried about having a lapsed subscription and missing the latest Communio? You won’t need to if you sign up for Automatic Renewals. We will charge your account annually until you request this service to end. Even better, you receive a discounted rate when you sign up for automatic renewals!
  • Author Index: Easily search for your favorite Communio authors
  • Study Circles: Get directions and updates on the closest Circle to you.

Please be patient as we continue migrating more free content to our new site (especially free articles), and be sure to check back often for News, Events, back issue sales, and more!