About Communio

What is Communio?  This blog is boring. Why don’t you write more?

The Introduction to the Fall, 2004 Communio gives a great explanation:

Critics of Communio sometimes take the journal to task for failing to be sufficiently topical. Why don’t we comment more, they ask, on current events, on the burning issues of the day? In a sense, the critics are right: it is not part of Communio’s mission to editorialize about the hot topics of the day. In another sense, though, the critics have missed the point. What they perceive to be a lofty indifference to the problems of the day is really not that at all.

If Communio does not editorialize, it is not because of a lack of engagement with the contemporary world, but because the journal’s raison d’etre is to engage it from the deepest and most comprehensive viewpoint possible. In an age of sound bites, when rhetoric has become a dirty word, the attempt to maintain what Canadian philosopher George Grant called “steadfast attention to the whole” is a sine qua non for putting things into perspective and so for getting clear about what is and what is not the case, about what does and does not need to be done, amidst the cascade of opinions and projects the mass media pours out on us daily. . . .

Below, a selection of articles explaining the history and mission of Communio. More articles are online every week. See our current issue here. Welcome!

Hans Urs von Balthasar. Communio: A Programme (pdf) (1972, reprinted 2006) | Communio: International Catholic Review (1992) | The Mission of Communio (1992)

Nicholas J. Healy. Communio: A Theological Journey (pdf) (2006)

James Hitchcock. Why Communio? (1972)

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Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger – Benedict XVI. Communio: A Program. (1992) |  Homily at the Funeral Liturgy for Hans Urs von Balthasar (pdf)  (1988) |  On the Centenary of Hans Urs von Balthasar’s Birth (2005).

John R. Sheets, S.J. Communio and Controversy. (1974)

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